COCKTAILS: Hypochondriac: LP

Nov 22, 2017

I’ve heard a lot of bands mixing garage rock or garage punk with ‘70s power pop influences lately, but San Francisco’s Cocktails take the straight, unadulterated power pop approach, as there’s little punk or garage influence to be found here. I generally love most of this old power pop stuff when it’s done well, but where Cocktails are concerned, I just wish it had a little more… bite. Unfortunately for me, “bite” isn’t really the sound that a “by-the-books” power pop band is really looking for. I can hear influence here from some ‘70s power pop pioneers like Shoes as well as ‘90s fuzz pop disciples like Teenage Fanclub or maybe even Supergrass, and they seem to be well versed in crafting tuneful pop songs, but leaves me a bit unfulfilled as someone who likes a little more punk in his pop. –Mark Twistworthy (Alien Snatch,