Sep 20, 2017

You know how it is: you make friends with a band and you root for them. You want them to do well. In my case, Coastwest Unrest pulled into Orono, Maine in spring 2010, on this ridiculous tour from their hometown in Las Vegas. They played a bill with my first band (at age thirty-six!). We’ve kept in touch, and have traded shows on both coasts. In the years since, the band’s releases have had moments but never reached the same heights or cohesion as Old Weird America, their 2010 sophomore LP. I’m psyched to say The Crazed Ones is their best release since then. Brothers Noah and Josh Dickie have always been the core of the band—in recent years, they’ve been playing as a duo. Noah’s a great guitar player, balancing acoustic punk and deep-fried Americana, and Josh is a beast behind the kit. The songs on this record benefit greatly from a backing band, which add accent and stomp to the brothers’ songs. “EPA (Edward Paul Abbey)” and “The Crazed Ones” jump right out of this one as representative of the group’s best—rocking and full. The rest of the album hangs together well and bears repeated listens. I haven’t taken it out of my CD player in a month; the soundtrack to short drives and road trips. –Michael T. Fournier (Reclaim,