CLOWNS: Nature/Nurture: CD

Aug 01, 2019

In retrospect, a lot of the glossy skatepunk that Fat was churning out in the ’90s was basically slicked-up heavy metal with snotty vocals. Australia’s Clowns (good for them for locking that name down) take the Fat sound to its logical conclusion, finding exciting ways to add metallic bombast to their music. Well-placed guitar shredding that takes a song to the next level, ominous quiet parts, and creepy sung vocals all pop up in ways that mesh well with the catchy punk base. This is Clowns’ fourth album, their first for Fat, and they take the listener to a lot of places over the course of what turns out to be a remarkably cohesive album. I should add that the production is positively huge, and this record makes me want to throw a couch off my roof. –Chris Terry (