CLOWN SOUNDS: Preacher Maker: LP

Jan 30, 2019

Clown Sounds appears to be formerly a solo project of Todd C. that is now an actual band. If you’re at all familiar with Todd’s past then you may know what to expect, especially since Clown Sounds is primarily made up of members and artists he’s previously worked with (guys from Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad To Candyland, Stoned At Heart, et cetera). Eight songs that sound like they could fit right into any other of Todd C. band’s records and that’s why this record doesn’t quite grab me. They’re not bad songs per se, but the record does come across as a compilation of tracks that didn’t make the cut for any his other band’s releases. I’ve followed Todd’s career since the early ’90s with F.Y.P up until this record, but unlike Dance My Dunce, Bird Roughs, or Control the Sun I don’t feel like I’ll be revisiting this record too often. –Juan Espinosa (Recess)