CLIBBUS: Horsesatelite: LP

Sep 16, 2021

It’s tempting to say there’s nobody like Beefus D’Aurelio, probably because it’s true. I saw him play guitar in Beastman, meaning I saw him wear a Jelly Belly wrestling singlet and run over to someone’s table at a bar and steal a sip of their drink mid-song. Did he also spray people with water (or some other fluid) from a plastic penis on that one Beastman tour? He sang with a strange mannequin during a Panty Raid (or maybe they had changed their name to Puberty by then?) show. I think it was wearing a wig? It might’ve been animatronic. This is the Beefus effect: he plays something, does something, brings something to surreal life, and later you wonder, “Did that happen?” It did, and it’s still happening, and it’s beautiful. Clibbus, his latest project, draws from the acid-soaked, absurdist corners of the ’80s and ’90s, but they go in their own direction, pulling hardcore and prog and sub-underground rambling into new shapes. Saturated and complex, they move to the outer edges so you can get a good look. What do you see in “Paperbaghead”? How do you feel when you arrive at a song like “I’m”? These are important questions, and at some point you may even be able to answer them. –Matt Werts (Clibbus International,

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