CLEVER: Kewdi Udi: LP

Sep 23, 2016

For a while there, it seemed like Australia and New Zealand were regularly exporting awesome new records that were challenging and pushing boundaries. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention and they have, but it seems like the rate at which these records were gracing our shores has greatly lessened. Regardless, I was excited to see a record from Australia in my review batch. Maybe I set my sights too high, but Clever failed to impress. It seems apparent that Clever takes influence from The Fall and adds some noise rock influence. While such an abrasive mélange does have its appeal, Clever offers it up in repetitious spasms, concentrating solely on the burst and none of the build up. The result is maybe a bit too challenging for me, as it brings about constant anxiety, where I instead hoped to board a paranoid adventure. –Vincent (Homeless)