Nov 27, 2018

U.K. band Civilised Society? were mainstays of their scene in the late ’80s, with a pair of notable releases. Now after nearly thirty years of silence, the band has returned with the War in My Head EP, featuring re-recordings of three of their classic tracks, and one brand new recording. While lumped into the punk category—probably for their left-leaning politics—Civilised Society? play ripping thrash metal with riffs that inspire headbanging-induced neck injuries. The band proves that despite a thirty-year absence, they have lost none of their ability to shred. On the title track of the EP, their first new track, the band shows that not only are the musical chops that made them so fantastic in their heyday still strong, but that they’ve also lost none of their songwriting abilities. With a new album announced as of the time of this writing, this EP is the opening salvo from a band that still has a lot left to say. –Paul J. Comeau (Boss Tuneage,

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