CIVIC: New Vietnam: 12” EP

Jul 25, 2018

It seems Australia can do no wrong. Just the mention of that country alone when it comes to music will spark conversation, and it doesn’t seem anyone can identify the crux of the quality of art originating there, but it exists nonetheless. Civic is no exception to the rule. Somehow, a band that’s existed for barely six months as this review is being written has unleashed a monster of an EP, turning heads almost instantly. From the opening of “Nuclear Son,” you’ll know precisely what you’re getting into. Names tossed around by most you’ll hear are Dead Boys, Saints (obviously), and while those aren’t inaccurate per se, they don’t properly define their sound at all. Civic have a real underbelly to them, similar to what you’d get out of a Hank Wood And The Hammerheads record. The vocals even remind me of some of the less screamy Impalers songs. Combine those references and add a few well-placed chaotic guitar solos and that will likely describe them best. There’s so much grit to them that referencing any other “rock” band would make them sound corny, which would be the furthest from the truth. A near-perfect record, with “Shackled Man” and “Burning Steel” being tops for me. –Steve Adamyk (Anti Fade,