CHÜKO: “Low-life” b/w “Aquarium”: 7”

Jan 30, 2019

The two songs on this 7” sounded so dramatically different, that I was not sure what to make of Chüko. “Low-life,” is a track of fuzzy garage punk. Totally up my alley, and I liked it more with every listen. Its driving riff really gets caught in your head after a few listens. The B Side track “Aquarium,” by contrast, is a piece of keyboard-driven, ethereal, and ambient navel-gazing. After several dozen listens of “Aquarium,” I began to feel like a character trapped in a David Lynch film, with this song as the soundtrack. I’m probably still trapped here listening to the song as you read this. Please don’t tap on the glass. –Paul J. Comeau (Pineapple Lung Cleanse, [email protected])


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