Nov 29, 2016

Chron Turbine’s label describes them aptly as dark destruct-o-pop, and II is filled with eight tracks that will keep any fan of weird shit entertained. This tape is seriously weird and I mean that in the most respectful, complimentary way. It’s cool in this post-something kind of way where I hear death rock and really polished Interpol-y stuff and even funky Devo vibes coming through, but also obvious hardcore and noise elements. There are really spacey moments like “Love and Infection” that’s got heavy goth T. Rex feels and some octave things going on; “Hipster Amnesia” gives some serious Rites Of Spring vibes; then weird, angular linear shit shows up in a bunch of other tracks just as soon as you think you figured their formula out. II has a healthy mix of heaviness and grit throughout and it never stops moving. Limited to one hundred, the physical tape has this super hardcore aesthetic with a silk screened cover and sticker in there. A pretty great way to spend five dollars, in my opinion. –Candace Hansen (Peterwalkee,