CHRISTOPHER SUTTON: You Brought Me Back from the Dead (Selected Songs, 1998​-​2019): CS

Jul 20, 2022

If Christopher Sutton doesn’t ring any bells, well good for you. This is punk rock. We don’t put people on a pedestal. However, Sutton was the bassist for The Gossip, Dub Narcotic Sound System, and The Dirtbombs. Now that should be important to you. And what you’ll get here is two decades of lesser known, but inspired projects Sutton recorded and Antiquated Future has saved from obscurity. And I do mean inspired. In the liner notes, Sutton talks about how the songs were the result of a van accident on tour that left him with a jaw wired shut and, shortly after, the acquisition of a four-track. Being forced to drink liquids through a straw for six months made him depressed, but the near-death experience blessed him with a lust for life. He began messing around and recording songs that paid homage to his “eccentric record collection.” I’m not sure what was in that record collection, but it had to be pretty damn all over the place. You’ll hear heady dub, lackadaisical indie, raw garage rock, and all sorts of funky and soulful tracks on this tape. It goes from one end of modern music and back with plenty of detours into the underground. An obsessed artist can cover a lot of ground in twenty years. This tape is an example of that. It flows a lot like a perfectly eclectic mixtape, curated by someone with immense musical knowledge, perfect for a long drive. Have it ready to pop in when the college radio fades into static. –Craven Rock (Antiquated Future)

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