CHRISTIAN BLUNDA: Funky Punks in Space: LP

May 24, 2022

Mean Jeans’ Christian Blunda has filtered the Jeans’ driving and often humorous punk sensibilities through a catalog of space-age keyboard sounds to produce an album of songs featuring Hi-NRG and punk hybrids. The album kicks off with “Hyperblaster,” a Ramones-paced mover staying mostly in the punk realm with some space age keyboard popping in for accents. The album continues with “Too Funky for This World” which opens with a triumphant keyboard melody and moves into gear for a song that could be the soundtrack to a lost ’80s sci-fi show. “Every Day I Go to Space” goes full-on keyboard thump. This song could have been played at Studio 54 and no one would have flinched. Side two highlights include “Zoner,” a song beginning with a power pop chugga guitar harboring space age disco sounds at the chorus. The chorus speaks to it: “Baby I’m a zoner/ floating in space.” Good power pop can make you look at the sky from behind the wheel. This album prophesizes that you’ll get there if you hit the gas. –Billups Allen (Dig!)