Signals Midwest at The Fest 20 on October 29th, 2022 in Gainesville, Fla. | photo by Chris Chappell @gettingwarmer

Chris Chappell Photo Column—Signals Midwest

Nov 12, 2022

If I had to guess which band I listened to the most during the pandemic, my money would be on Signals Midwest. In 2019, they put out a perfect EP called Pin. I found it to be quite comforting with themes of distance, place, and a more just world, in between quiet moments. Months after Pin came out, I got to see them play it in full during a secret set at The Fest in Gainesville. The songs hit even harder in person when singing along to with close friends and strangers. You can tell the members of Signals Midwest are having as much fun as the audience. I have a distinct memory of guitarist Jeff Russell grinning while singing along to the line “we’re taking shelter, throwing darts at works of art, or tossing rings on strings at nails in the backyard” off the EP’s title track.

Fast forward to 2022. I caught Signals Midwest again at The Fest. Watching them play songs off Pin and their latest album, Dent, was like seeing an old friend you’re excited to catch up with. Their live show is earnest, intimate, agreeable, and higher energy than you’d expect from the mostly mid-tempo punk/indie rock songs. I’m thrilled Signals Midwest continue to be at the height of their game and provide the same comfort as when Pin came out years ago.

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