Joyce Manor at Showbox Market on March 15, 2023 in Seattle, Wash. | photo by Chris Chappell @gettingwarmer

Chris Chappell Photo Column—Joyce Manor

Apr 22, 2023

Joyce Manor effortlessly connects to their audience. I have some theories as to why. It’s a combination of their personal lyrics sung with a sense of urgency, their engaging live show, and the fact it seems the band always chats with their fans after almost every show. It’s a beautiful thing. People love Joyce Manor, and they should. They’ve consistently put out incredible albums for over a decade now. Even their arguably most experimental record Of All Things I Shall Soon Grow Tired holds up after all these years.

My story on how I became a lifelong fan goes like this… When I was a young punk and realized I could just email bands, I reached out to Joyce Manor. They were playing a tough guy hardcore festival near my hometown, and I politely asked if they could get me in so I wouldn’t have to shell out for the whole fest to see them. They happily agreed, and a few months later I was thrown a band pass behind the venue by singer Barry Johnson minutes before they went on. I thought that was the coolest, most punk move ever. A young fan wanted to catch their set and they made it happen. Even if the crowd was a little too eager to head crawl, Joyce Manor were perfect, playing with the same tenacity they play with to this day. It was an experience that solidified my admiration for the band.

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