Jeff Rosenstock at Vera Project on June 6, 2022 in Seattle, Wash. | photo by Chris Chappell @gettingwarmer

Chris Chappell Photo Column—Jeff Rosenstock

Mar 11, 2023

Whatever magical ooze Jeff Rosenstock has been drinking to play high energy ska-punk sets over the years, I want some. It amazes me that Jeff is able to play with the same tenacity, grit, and sprite as he did over ten years ago when I saw him play a DIY art space (shout out to The Trunk Space in Phoenix, Ariz.) in Bomb The Music Industry! Those shows were always during the summer, which in Phoenix meant that it was at least 102 degrees outside and even hotter/sweatier inside. I clung so tightly to those shows; they were the highlight of the summer for me and a sea of other anxious early twenty-somethings. Jeff and the rest of Bomb The Music Industry! lifted up the dehydrated crowd with epic sing-a-longs and infectious spirits. 

Fast forward to June of 2022. I saw Jeff play one of three Seattle shows to raise money for our crucial DIY space Vera Project. It was a fitting delight to see him in this type of setting once again, though this time the temperature was moderate and the crowd perspiration was at a minimum. He gave it all and then some; an agile performance that has persevered throughout the years. I truly hope Jeff keeps inspiring us with his delightful high energy bouncing around the walls of DIY spaces.