Dead Bars at The Sunset Tavern on August 31, 2022 in Seattle, Wash. | photo by Chris Chappell @gettingwarmer

Chris Chappell Photo Column—Dead Bars

Sep 10, 2022

Dead Bars is for the freaks. A big ol’ party for all the freaks. I truly don’t think it’s possible to see Dead Bars live and not bounce around the room—or at the bare minimum, aimlessly sway. Their (dream) gig on August 31 at The Sunset Tavern in Seattle was a gathering for the ages. All sorts of folks crowded into a small venue to see a diverse lineup of bands, ranging from power pop punk (the always excellent Broadway Calls), to Rage Against The Machine-influenced rock (The Bitter), to driving, early 2010s pop punk (Living With A Bear), and, finally, the Seattle regulars themselves, Dead Bars.

Dead Bars play melodic singalong punk that’s best watched with a beer in one hand and a fist raised with the other. Playing in front of a giant banner with the words “You Don’t Have to Be Cool,” they powered through all the hits like “Los Marineros,” “D Line to the Streamline,” and “Freaks.” There’s a special kind of gleeful solidarity amongst people screaming the line, “This is for the freaks. You’re all sick freaks, you’re sicker than me, sicker than me.”

To round of the Dead Bars Universe, they put out an excellent weekly email newsletter, the Freakly Digest where they debut and interview the “Freak of the Week.”

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