Chris Boarts Larson Photo—Victims

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Victims

Apr 03, 2021

This was a fun one! Pointless Fest, eventually known just as Philly Fest, brought together some of the greatest bands of the time; for a few years going, it was the best gathering of the tribes around with solid lineups of great international hardcore-punk-crust bands, usually followed by some afterhours house show ragers. 2004 was a particularly excellent year with the likes of Hellshock, Tragedy, Disfear, Victims, Signal Lost, Damage Deposit, Artimus Pyle, Bruce Banner, Kylesa, Witch Hunt, Endless Nightmare, AOS, Fighting Dogs, Caustic Christ and more! This was my first encounter with Victims from Sweden, who went on to be a favorite that fortunately returned to the States many more times over the years!

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