Chris Boarts Larson Photo—Thunderchief

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Thunderchief

Feb 26, 2022

Two-Man Band Heavy Night

Thunderchief has been Rik Surly’s solo-vision, one-man assault of sludge-doom for years now. With Erik Larson added on drums—and a slew of new recordings, including a full length—the two-man assault is now out playing and slaying.

Thunderchief and Suppression played together at local RVA outsider venue, Another Round, for a super rad night of heavy sludge, doom, and destruction. It was a great show and cool to see a double two-man band night. I thoroughly enjoyed the heavy, thundering power, sludgy doom, and the variety of gnarly riffs and guttural growls and screams that are Thunderchief.

Check out their latest offerings and look for them on the road…

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