Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—The Bouncing Souls

Jul 20, 2019

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Back in the early to mid-’90s, I spent a lot of time hanging out with The Bouncing Souls, hopping in their van and heading to Jersey or Pennsylvania for a show, hanging out at Monas, or on street corners of the LES. We drank a lot of coffee. I almost got the Soulz coffee cup logo tattooed on me. It was a good time.

I remember putting together the perfect show: 2.5 Children, Choking Victim, The Bouncing Souls, and Citizen Fish at ABC NO RIO. It sounds completely unreal now that all those bands could play together in such a small space. Funny thing is, I can’t actually remember if this show did happen as I remember it—or if three out of four of these band actually played two different shows in 1994. Regardless, I remember them all together perfectly. This is my favorite Bouncing Souls photo because it’s all the dudes in one photo on one small stage in one great venue from a very great year. The Soulz are doing some 30 year anniversary shows this year and the nostalgia is flowing and running deep. I love these dudes—and the friends and family band that they have always been. Long live The Bouncing Souls.