Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Swordweilder

Sep 28, 2019

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Every so often I discover a band that is so utterly perfect—it’s like they sink their hooks into my very soul and speak to everything I love and live for musically. It’s no secret that I love the Amoeba-Grinder style of metallic crust (aka Amebix and Axegrinder influenced). I pretty much wear that one right on my sleeve. I had big plans to head to Pittsburgh for Skull Fest this year for the Profane Existence 30th year celebration. A thousand amazing bands were playing that weekend and Swordweilder were headlining the final night.

I wasn’t quite able to make it but fortunately I was gifted the consolation of a perfect show here in Richmond with local faves Future Terror and Asylum, my favorite crust warriors Alement from Philly, and then tour mates Geiger Counter (Minn.) and Swordweilder from Sweden. The show was outside on a steamy August night, under a bridge, next to the river beside a huge pile of rocks and under a full moon. It was absolute perfection and I have been “over that moon” for days after still obsessing about my new favorite band.

Swordweilder’s new album