Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Strike Anywhere

Jan 04, 2020

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When Strike Anywhere was a new band, my friend called me up on a moment’s notice to say, “Thomas’s new band Strike Anywhere is gonna play tonight.” I went there right away for what was one of their first shows. 1640 is one of those houses that’s had a long lineage of punk rock history. Loads of punks and bands have called that place home. They’ve had seasons of shows come and go over the years. In June of 2000 Strike Anywhere played the basement with As Friends Rust. It was a rad show—totally packed and crazy and full of smiles and happy friends.

Strike Anywhere don’t play that much anymore, but they’re about to do some shows with the Bouncing Souls. It’s kind of amazing to look back and see Thomas, Matt, Garth, and Matt crammed into a basement, heads between the pipes, and remember how and where it all started. Damn, I love these dudes.