Strike Anywhere at The Broadberry, RVA, 2/20/2020 | photo by Chris Boarts

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Strike Anywhere

May 02, 2020

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Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music, and Ann Beretta played two nights of sold-out shows at the Broadberry here in Richmond, Va. I was lucky to get there the second night for a twenty year throwback and reunion. Strike Anywhere is, are, and have been one of my all time favorites. I love Strike Anywhere and they never fail to deliver an energetic explosion that puts a smile on my face and just makes me feel all the best feelings of old friends and my hometown.

Yep. I’m certainly not a native of Richmond, but truth be told I’ve been here longer than anywhere else and bands like Strike Anywhere make me feel home! They don’t play that often, since not all of them actually live here anymore—but they are through a through a hometown Richmond band and are the BEST!