Chris Boarts Larson Photo—ManKind?

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—ManKind?

Jul 03, 2021

Mankind? was an awesome band from Connecticut that spent a lot of time in and around ABC No Rio in NYC in the early ’90s. They were paired up perfectly with Aus Rotten and consequently shared a lot of bills together. Stacey and Picasso shared the dual vocals perfectly and Al and Bill from the Pist formed the perfect backline. This particular show was on their home turf in New Haven, Conn. and it was a rager. The perfect anarcho punk for 1994. Short-lived and perhaps not as widely known as they should be with only three 7” record releases: “Won’t You Join the Army Now….” and splits with DIRT and Final Warning. Flox from Fight For Your Mind Records in France is putting together a discography release, so perhaps some new fire will get breathed into this great band.