Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - GWAR

Aug 20, 2016

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Back in 1988, GWAR left Antarctica on their first tour and passed through Pittsburgh, drenching us all in blood. I crossed paths with them several times in Boston and NYC. I almost hopped in their school bus to follow the tour with my camera. I recently found these photos from a show at the Marquee in NYC that I forgot I even had. This is the era of the original GWAR—Sleezy P., Slymenstra, the slaves, and all these blood-spurting, headless peeps.

Almost thirty years later, GWAR are a daily part of life here in Richmond with the GWAR Bar and the annual GWAR-BQ. With Brockie’s passing and the legendary Oderous’ return to Valhalla, nothing is quite the same, but the bohabs keep it all alive and GWAR battles on.,