Flower at The Warehouse, RVA 1/12/23 | photo by Chris Boarts Larson, facebook.com/SlugandLettuce

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Flower

Feb 18, 2023

I’m still riding the high wave of seeing NYC’s Flower back in January at the Warehouse in RVA. All perfect things came together for me that night—a great gathering of punks, good friends, and a whole rad lineup of punk bands I could relate to. Spore, Scarecrow, Destruct, and Flower were a wonderful culmination of the best parts of the DIY punk scene at once.

Flower were epic! They managed to bring together all the familiar elements I love, while being refreshing and super inspiring! They draw on many of my old favorites, like Nausea and Antisect with an awesome guitar tone, super-pummeling drums, and really cool vocals with a breathtaking amount of lyrics. Flower brought me to my knees. They gave me goose bumps and tears of joy. It felt like there really were lightening bolts coming out of those finger tips! It was so inspiring! They’ve got a brand new LP coming out on Profane Existence. The vinyl was delayed but it should be out any day now, and I highly recommend it! Flower have remained kinda under the radar, keeping it real old school DIY NYC punk style, which is actually pretty refreshing for an old-school-DIY-ex-NYC-punk.


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