Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – EyeHateGod

Dec 24, 2016

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The early ‘90s in NYC was an awesome time to me. The amount of diverse bands that I had the chance to see at ABC NO RIO, in particular, is incredible—all the more so viewed through the filter of history, in terms of all that has come since. There were staples of the scene, bands that got their start, and bands who continue today with so much notoriety that you would never have guessed they once played in that grimy LES basement.

EyeHateGod are one of those bands. Today, many forget their hardcore punk roots and might even be surprised that they once played at ABC. It’s amazing to watch bands create new genres and break new ground and I’m especially stoked to see all those who are still at it many years later.

Every so often we get a reality check and remember just how long it has been. It was at ABC NO RIO that I first saw EyeHateGod and met Mike Williams. Twenty plus years later, I’ve seen them a number of times and still consider Mike a friend. Hard living takes a toll, as we are starting to see more and more. Mike is in poor health and we have a support network with which to help him out.

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