Deathreat photo by Chris Boarts Larson

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Deathreat at Chaos in Texas 2005

Feb 15, 2020

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Chaos in Tejas was an awesome punk fest in Austin, and for a few years there it was one of the most fun and epic gathering of the tribes I have experienced. House shows in the afternoons, club shows at the indoor/outdoor Emo’s, late night shows on the bridge, followed by afternoon shows at BBQ joint with a sandy yard, only to return to Emo’s, and an after-show party somewhere. It was awesome non-stop punk rock!

Some of my favorite bands that year played: Born Dead Icons, Signal Lost, Krum Bums, Signal Lost, Bümbklåått, Chronicle AD, Tolar, Selfish, Hellshock, BSA, Tragedy, and Deathreat to name only a few. It was RAD!! Here’s a photo of Deathreat from one of the Emo’s main stage shows. Cheers to some of my all-time favorite dudes and one of their many bands!