Chris Boarts Larson Photo—Corrosion Of Conformity

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Corrosion Of Conformity

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Everyone involved in hardcore-punk-metal has some relationship or opinion about Corrosion Of Conformity because they are a band that have spanned decades from the original hardcore punk scene in the ’80s onwards to the world of rock’n’roll. Personally, Animosity is in my original hardcore punk rolodex. I first saw them in 1987 in Pennsylvania on the Technocracy lineup with Simon Bob on vocals and then a few years later at CBGBs with Carl. That is sorta where my time with them ended, though they’ve been there through the years touring with friends and putting out records that I’ve honestly never heard.

But around 2011 they went back to the bare bones three piece with Mike Dean, Woody, and Reed, played some shows, toured and came to Richmond, and played at the Bike Lot during Best Friends Day weekend. It was a great show—outside with skateboarders and BMX bikes on the ramps and kids (including my then five year old) kicking cans, and it was really fun to see COC again playing old tunes at dusk as the sun went down.

I had forgotten about these photos and rediscovered them while going through the archives looking for BFD photos. I remembered how much fun this was and how cool is was to see the original COC that I grew up with. I’m glad had this opportunity to see these guys again one last time.

RIP Reed Mullin.