Chris Boarts Larson Photo—Converge

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Converge

Apr 02, 2022

Do you ever find yourself conflicted about whether to get outside and enjoy that first awesome spring day or go inside for that great show? Converge played in Richmond the other night and it was the first time I’d seen them in many, many years. It was the opposite of what I just described. It was mid-March and we had unseasonable snow. Nonetheless, it was so much fun to get to see Converge again, and at a stacked show with Full Of Hell, Uniform, and Thou.

I got to thinking about back in 1999 when Converge played in Richmond in the Spring season of March. I was shooting film then, and I managed to double expose some of the shots from Twisters with some spring garden photos.  Thinking about spring and rad bands, when everyone seems charged up with an extra jolt of energy—this double exposure seemed the way to go for my column.

This is a different take on capturing spring fever that I don’t think I’ve ever shared before.

Chris Boarts Larson Photo—Converge