Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - Born Against

Oct 15, 2016

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The first time I traveled to California was to visit friends in SoCal. The trip coincided—unplanned—with Born Against’s West Coast tour. Not only did we get to see a rad show in SoCal, but the timing could not have been any better for my first visit to the Bay Area. Cross country travel and West Coast tours were not the norm for the majority of bands in the ‘90s. Being able to travel across the country to cities where I really didn’t know anyone and find friends from home was awesome. Gilman was the West Coast version of ABC NO RIO, and the familiarity of faces from home made it all the more so. Born Against playing with Econochrist brought together the best of the opposite coasts. Blatz opened the show, which is as Berkeley as it gets. It was rad to be able to go to a new city and a legendary club to feel some of the anchors of friends from back home.