Chris Boarts Larson Photo—Be Well

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Be Well

May 02, 2022

I got my introduction to Be Well when they did a weekend of shows with Avail and Hot Water Music. They’re a newer of band of hardcore scene vets who are ex-members of many bands, such as Darkest Hour, Bane, Battery and Fairweather.

It was tons of fun to be able to be a in a large, sold-out venue with hundreds of masked-up folks all stoked for a good show. Avail and Hot Water Music playing together is a wonderful, old-time reunion. Be Well was a perfect fit for this bill, bringing together a solid old school scene of friends, familiar faces, and good melodic hardcore. Be Well deliver catchy hardcore punk with emotionally meaningful lyrics and a good, solid kick. Looking forward to seeing more from Be Well! They’re out there playing a lot, so keep an eye out for them!