Chris Boarts Larson Photo—Avail

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Avail

Aug 14, 2021

This guy is everything to me!

Avail did a weekend with two reunion shows here in RVA in July of 2019 and it was kinda one of the best things that ever happened. People are still talking about it, as in, “Can you believe it was two years ago? I wish we could do it all again.” After that first weekend, AVAIL played a few more shows in Philly, Jersey, and up the East Coast. More were planned for 2020.

In fact, Avail were in Chicago, loaded in, sound checked, and ready to play with Dillinger 4 when Chicago shut the city down for the pandemic. And since March of 2020, the world has been quiet. Shows are slowly—or quickly—happening, depending on how you view it. Avail is scheduled to play some shows and fests that got rescheduled for next year, which will be super fun.

In the meantime—neither Erik nor I like to be in the spotlight. We keep low profiles and don’t post lots of photos. But Erik is awesome. He’s such a great drummer and has played—and continues to play—in so many bands. He’s tireless in his songwriting and road dogging. He’s ready to get back out and play shows just as I’m anxious to get taking some photos.

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