CHOKED UP: Self-titled: CD

Sep 26, 2018

I’ve loved Cristy Road’s comics and art for quite a long time, but I’d never heard her do any music. This new four piece based out of New York is poppy, fast, and has a touch of grit in their melodies. The opening track, “BeBop and Rocksteady 4-Ever,” got stuck in my head pretty quickly, though I did listen to the four-song EP three or four times in a row. Having two guitars in this band really helps round out the sound. Christy’s vocals undulate between gravel and harmony while lead solos are played alongside a deep, bubbly bass sound, pop punk rhythm guitar, and some real snappy drums. In a few songs there are awesome gang vocals that hit the chorus with some serious power. The last track, “Lomas y Chisme,” is totalmente en Español and I think it’s my favorite song of the release, even if I can only understand a few words here and there. I was busy spinning this on repeat in my car when I got rear ended in traffic. Having this to go right back to after that shake up made it a hell of a lot easier to deal with. –Kayla Greet (Get Better)