CHOKED UP: Mala Lengua: 12”

Mar 10, 2023

Handwritten zines, romantic rootlessness, and raw ‘n’ catchy punk… there’s a lot to love about the classic East Bay punk aesthetic, and the way that artist, author, and rocker Cristy C. Road has been making it browner and queerer for the last twentyish years. Her band Choked Up blow through with a seven-song pop punk whirlwind that hits like Café Bustelo from a French press. Road’s vocals have a sweet, throaty, Cyndi Lauper-ish quality that are the perfect vessel for lyrics like, “The sunset got us home at night, when we turned down the sacred lights of all the songs that kept us alive.” On Pepto-pink wax with Road’s high energy illustrations throughout. –Chris Terry (Don Giovanni,

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