Jul 25, 2018

Godamnit, this band is fantastic. In just a year, I went from blindly reviewing their last cassette, seeing them live a bunch, and then totally falling in love with them. Their songs are deftly satirical and brutally honest. They cover things like rehab in “Milam High” (“You can study or you can fuck off / I’ve never met so many sober jerkoffs”), AA in “Depression and Cigarettes” (“I’m struggling to pay the rent / But all my money has been spent on quick fixes and paranoia”), and how they feel about people sucked into their phones on “Must Be Nice” (“When I see somebody Snapchatting at a show it makes me go “Oh no, what an asshole” / Just live your life!”). They branch out in some nice ways musically also. “Bad News” is a fuzzed-out slow jam, while “Depression and Cigarettes” is a somewhat bluesy tune. I also love that there’s a song titled “Fuck You,” directly followed by one called “Fuck Me.” Everything on this record is so fucking catchy and wonderful. The jangly guitar comes through sharply, the bass rumbles along in the low end, the drums are always on point, and the vocals are much like talking to a good friend, but one who can carry a tune with attitude. Easily a top contender for album of the year for me. This rules. –Kayla Greet (Den Tapes, [email protected])