CHOKE ON A LAUGH #1, $5, 5½”x 8½”, copied, 54 pgs.

May 28, 2019

This zine is a look at the music scene in the Antelope Valley, the area north of Los Angeles on the edge of the Mojave Desert. I didn’t know anything about this part of the country but it’s far from the rest of the world, yet still appears to have a punk scene. Choke on a Laugh begins with a scene history of the valley, which seems comprehensive. This essay sets the stage for the rest of the zine. Also included is a review section and interviews with local and not-so-local bands, including Nihilth, Freakees, and Lucretia. The interviews are fairly lengthy for a zine, or at least more than four or five questions. Perhaps the best way to describe Choke on a Laugh is that it’s like if a scene report from Maximum Rock’n’roll grew into an entire zine. I’m not sure how much this would be of interest to those outside this scene or without connections to the bands interviewed, but good on the folks behind this zine for keeping the scene going. –Kurt Morris ([email protected])