CHOKE CHAINS: Android Sex Worker: LP

Mar 28, 2018

Choke Chains play repetitive, bass-heavy riffs with distorted vocals laid over. The pace ranges from hitting the gas pedal to cruising a Whataburger. “Cairo Scholars” moves at the ideal ‘90s-in-Chicago speed. I’m going to use some old references here because I’m bit out of touch: this album reminds me a bit of Jesus Lizard or Lard. The album is well done. There may be more modern bands doing this, but for me this comes from a specific time in the ‘90s. Either way, if you’re getting into that type of stuff, or you’re a member of a scene I’m not familiar with, this is a fine album. It’s angst-ridden and has a killer bass sound. –Billups Allen (Hound Gawd,