Nov 29, 2016

What really needs to be said about this band? 2012 isn’t going to sour any fans at this point. It’s exactly what you’d expect; more in line with the equally great Safeways: Here We Come EP that came out a few years back. KJ and the lads are back again (this being the first record to feature Jimmy Gamble on guitar), this time veering closer to rock-opera/concept album territory. I mean, as close to that as you can get, given that they’re still Chixdiggit songs after all, but it’s definitely a one-track CD (not sure how the LP has been split up or sequenced), and more-or-less a single song, for that matter, chronicling the time they spent on the road in ye-olde 2012. It’s a fun ride. On that note, if you’ve yet to see them live, they’re a must-see. I typically can’t handle sets that are longer than thirty minutes, but when Chixdiggit play, ninety minutes fly by, leaving everyone wanting more. They’re that entertaining. 2012’s great, so let’s hear it for Chixdiggit. –Steve Adamyk (Fat,

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