CHISEL, THE: Come See Me: 7” EP

May 25, 2021

For all the things that the British don’t seem to do well (food, fashion, comedy) they sure have the market cornered when it comes to hooligan hardcore punk. This is the second EP by England’s The Chisel and shame on you for missing out on the first 7” that came out on La Vida Es Un Mus Records just one year prior. Two originals and a cover of the UK 82 classic “Criminal Crew” by Criminal Damage. Classic bootboy punk played a tad faster than usual but ask the Chisel if they care what anyone thinks? Members have served time in the Shitty Limits, Arms Race, Chubby And The Gang, and several other bruisers. Pick this up before it goes out of print again, fuckwit. –Juan Espinosa (Beach Impediment, 

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