CHILTON: Little Birds: LP

Sep 26, 2019

Here’s a weird one. Technical melodic punk with obscure and often tongue-in-cheek lyrics that touch on aliens, conspiracy theories, and self-destructive tendencies, among other topics. Several wacky cult-related samples are scattered among the tracks, including some gobbledygook from one of those people who claim to interpret messages from star people, so that’s fun. Anyway, Bill Stevenson plays guitar on this, and I’m definitely getting a lot of latter-day Descendents and ALL vibes from the huge hook-y choruses and quirky riffage. This stuff has a harder edge and gets a lot more dissonant and wonky, bouncing around between keys and time signatures like it’s nothing. Some hits and some misses, but I definitely won’t call it predictable. –Indiana Laub (Dead Broke, [email protected],

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