CHEST PAIN: The Primate’s Advantage: 7”

May 31, 2017

The immortal words of English philosopher Thomas Hobbes are particularly appropriate when describing Austin, Texas’s Chest Pain: “nasty, brutish, and short.” I am still recovering from their punishing LP Weltschmerz, which gave me heart palpitations. Their latest 7” solidifies their penchant for uncompromising aural assaults. The vocalist menacingly grunts like Joe Denunzio of Infest without coming off constipated, and the feedback shrieks—particularly on Side A’s “The Primate’s Advantage”—a discordant powerviolence epic. The drummer remarkably keeps up with the stampeding tempos and the bassist holds it all together with his bowl-loosening low end, recalling the glory days of Slap-a-Ham Records. The band argues “the primate’s advantage” is “to destroy as it creates.” Oddly enough, Chest Pain is the sound of devolution: totally fucking savage. –Sean Arenas (To Live A Lie, / Mind Ripper, / Crucificados,