CHERRY CHEEKS: Self-titled: CS

Sep 22, 2022

Okay, so I hate to sound like I’m out of touch with the youth of today, but, lord, am I gonna sound like that. Y’all ever heard of egg punk? It’s a dumb internet thing. Boiled down, it basically means Devo-style dancey garage punk. Off-kilter rhythms, the sounds of a laptop pretending to be a cheap drum machine, and as if a cheap beer is about to spill somewhere in the room. It’s the lo-fi tape deck core of the modern era. Anyway, this album is a really good example of the genre. There has been an explosion of this style since the quarantine days. It makes sense. This is really catchy, it’s really fun. I wonder if they play live shows? Hard to tell based on the tape. It literally could be a monk in a basement. That’s the magic. –Gwen Static (Total Punk,