CHEATER SLICKS: Ill Fated Cusses: LP

May 15, 2023

After thirty-five years it’s hard to keep evolving. The Cheater Slicks have managed that by forging their own path. Like The Fall, they make records on their terms, without a thought for anyone. From the early days of blues-influenced garage rock to this LP of more eclectic, weirder, out-there noise, the messy Southern influence is still there—along with their pals the Oblivians or Compulsive Gamblers—but there’s an obtuse artiness to this record with nods to bands like the Butthole Surfers. Being honest with you, I prefer the more straight-up garage rock of old, but I love to see bands who have been around a long time evolving and pushing boundaries. In The Red is a perfect fit for this forward-thinking disc. –Tim Brooks (In The Red,

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