CHEAP TOYS #24, £2, 6” x 4¼”, copied, bound, hardcover, English/French, 128 pgs.

Well, most of this I couldn’t read because it was in French. But for the bilingual (or the French reader, as this is eighty percent French), there’s probably a whole lot of stuff worth reading in here. For the English reader, there’s an article on surveillance infrastructure in Europe through a technology called the submarine communications cable. These have been used by the U.S. and France as well as other countries to collaborate and spy on enemies going all the way back to World War I and are still being used today. Creepy. There’s also a list of unfinished anarchist movies the zine producer is cataloging for an anarchist filmography. Kind of weird to me—unfinished films I won’t get to watch don’t mean a lot to me. I mean, I get the idea of making a record of them for a filmography, but it’s not relevant to me as a reader. Then there are some cool photos in full-color and an interview with a zine librarian. –Craven Rock ([email protected], Cheap Toys c/o CTRA, 50 Rue Consolat, 13001 Marseille, France)