Mar 27, 2020

Wow. The first song on this record is enough. “Put the Devil to Bed” is a scorcher. It’s one of those songs you hear for the first time and can feel is steeped in pure anger. The rest of the album continues in that vein: punk blasters with a unique voice that’s also comfortingly familiar. Vocals and backups are full-on yelling warbles, reaching the point of competing with each other at various points. The choruses are comprised of those simple lines you wish you’d thought of. “Times up/ times up motherfucker / times up” screams the chorus of the third song. And I believe it. The guitars are distorted just enough to leave in the ratchet chug of furious strumming in play. Even their somewhat unnecessary cover of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” chugs with a punk’n’roll swing, bringing something new to a song you’ve heard a million times. Plus they yell “fuck” a lot and it all sounds like it could come crashing down at any turn. I don’t even know who to recommend this to. You should just like this. Eight songs on 45 speed and they really won me over with one play. This is a rejuvenate-my-interest-in-punk level slab. These guys sound like they’re really coming at you and I wish them the best. –Billups Allen (Snappy Little Numbers)

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