CHARLES ALBRIGHT: Everything Went Charles Albright: CS

Dec 06, 2019

Shit’s a trip. A discography of sorts, this project apparently started as a one-man band and eventually evolved into a six-piece, including a saxophonist. It’s pretty well done, high tempo punk stuff with a lot of energy and ridiculously long songs. Like, the five to seven minute range, though the early solo project stuff is all in the one to two minute mark. It’s rare that I say it, but I can’t really put my finger on this. Visually, it’s all a spoof of old Black Flag/SST stuff, even down to the label logo. There’s no lyrics, but songs include “I’m Happy, I’m a Genius,” “Let’s Fuck!,” and “Dane Cook, Nickelback, The Olive Garden, Armageddon.” I just… Hell if I know, folks. This one threw me for a loop. It’s intentionally blown out and goes into some painfully dull and long-winded noise passages, but on the other hand it’s at times so awesomely pummeling and in the red, it almost sounds like industrial music. There’s definitely some solid material, though the “hur-de-hurr, let’s name our band after a serial killer who murdered a bunch of sex workers” makes it even harder to discern what they’re shooting for here. –Keith Rosson (Sacramento)