CHARGER: Crackdown: 7”

Aug 01, 2019

I was kinda dubious because of the name, generic artwork, the fact that it’s on a flexi that is essentially an advertisement for Pirates Press, but it’s pretty okay motörcharged punk’n’roll. There’s absolutely nothing unique about this at all, and you’ve heard these riffs a million times, but it’s okay. Features members of Operation Ivy and other bands. I read an interview with them and it really turned me off. The whole metallic rock’n’roll thing seems to be the new trend in punk, and there are bands doing the same thing—but better—that don’t make me roll my eyes. Maybe next time they’ll hop on a trend that they can push in a more unique direction, but for now I’d rather just listen to LVGER or any of the other dozens of bands doing this sort of thing right now. –Ian Wise (Pirates Press,