CHARGE 69: En Rangs Serrés: CDEP

Well, as far as the name goes, I can only assume someone called dibs on “Charge 77” at some point, and the band made do. Quibbles of nomenclature aside, this is some pretty tough sounding French punk from a band that has apparently managed to have been around since 1993 without me hearing them once. “Tous Debout”—apparently the title track from the album whence this trio of tunes are taken—is in the style the locals call le reggae blanc; the other two are more straight ahead, streety stuff. The singer dude has got a good bellow to him but I don’t care for the trebly drum sound. Et fini! BEST SONG & SONG TITLE: “Insomnie.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Extraits de l’album CR 106 “Tous debout” disponible en vinyle et en CD.” –Rev. Nørb (Combat Rock,