CHANNEL 3: Put ‘Em Up: LP

Sep 20, 2017

I first heard Channel 3 courtesy of the I’ve Got a Gun release on the No Future label in 1982, and it was a damn fine record. However, it was never a band which caught my attention with future releases, so I was curious to hear its first album in fifteen years and discover what my take would be now. Put ‘Em Up delivers a punchy opener in the form of “Model Citizens” and all seems positive, but the album takes a downwards path heading into mid-tempo, bland rock territory with “Water & Time,” which has nothing more than a mildly catchy chorus. Beyond there, it’s only “The God That You Deserve” that catches my interest and it got to the stage where my notes even included “W.T.F.?” when listening to the awful “Blue Skies,” a truly dire track. I’m afraid that this is not the album to start me waxing lyrical about Channel 3. –Rich Cocksedge (TKO,