CHANGE TODAY: Self-titled: CD

Sep 22, 2022

If the name of this band reminds you of the T.S.O.L. album of the same name, that is by design. This band is fronted by Joe Wood who was the guitarist/vocalist of T.S.O.L. from ’83-’99, Jack Grisham’s former brother-in-law. I’m not a big fan of his previous band so I can’t tell you how this compares to his previous work. What I can tell you is that his voice is nearly entirely blown out, but he’s making it work. What comes out is a gravely wail, the kind of voice that has just been shredded by cigarettes. The first two songs really lost me; a bunch of palm muting, blues-inspired stuff that doesn’t interest me. The third track “Tourniquet” brought me back in. It starts in with an acoustic guitar and mild tempo, but makes short order of bringing in the other instruments and a jaunty melody. Then we dip right back down with a plodding, Bowie-adjacent, goth rock-inspired dredge of a song that clocks in at just under eight minutes. I usually listen to review records all the way through at least once, but this one is not capturing my attention in any way. The eleven songs on this make the record fifty minutes long and I just can’t, especially considering the last track is a radio edit of the eight-minute-long song that’s been cut down to a mere five. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)